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Shadow Fight Shades Mod APK 1.3.4 (Unlimited money)

Shadow Fight Shades Mod APK 1.3.4 (Unlimited money)
  • Updated
  • Version 1.3.4
  • Requirements Android 6.0
  • Developer NEKKI
  • Genre Action
  • Google Play
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Download Shadow Fight Shades MOD APK latest version and participate in legendary battles against reckless enemies. The game has fun gameplay and lots of tools.

About Shadow Fight Shades

Get ready for an adrenaline-filled experience with Shadow Fight Shades APK by Nekki. This advanced 3D fighting game combines life-like animations with powerful battle sequences to create an unforgettable adventure! You can improve your fighting skills with a variety of weapons, armor and unique attacks that will ensure that victory is within your reach.

As you navigate the vast world, you must use cunning combat tactics to defeat shadowy enemies, survive deadly attacks, and unlock secret passages. In addition, many unique items and tools will help you improve your gaming experience.

Shadow Fight Shades mod apk
So you can create a unique strategy to defeat your opponents, become the ultimate fighter and unlock new levels. Make sure you collect all weapons and armor because this will save you from intense battles.

All in all, Shadow Fight Shades MOD APK for Android will give you the thrill of action. When you fight many enemies, it will make your skills difficult. Great graphics, smooth animations and a fun gaming experience that will entertain you for hours.

Shadow Fight Shades Mod APK

Shadow Fight Shades APK – Background Story

This game comes after winning the world war against the dark forces (in Shadow Fight 2 APK). However, a new enemy has arisen – the mysterious Shadow Rifts. These rifts open portals to other realms, and with them come powerful beings known as Shades.

As explorers progress through the rift, they gain powerful abilities such as enhanced combat skills to become more powerful. Shadows must go through the rifts and collect these shades to close them and uncover the mystery behind their origins.

Shadow Fight Shades Mod Apk Download
However, this journey will not be easy. The game features classic visuals with vintage 2D backdrops and lively battle animations that provide a beloved world to explore. Players must use their cunning and strategic skills to combat evil forces as they traverse these dangerous lands in search of power in the Shadow Rifts.

Will Shadow manage to close the Shadow Rifts and save the world? The answer lies in his hands. Join him on this epic journey and help him unravel the mystery behind this strange portal, discovering powerful new powers.

Shadow Fight Shades Mod APK

How to Play Shadow Fight Shades APK?

Shadow Fight Shades MOD APK Download offers an unparalleled gaming experience that combines intense fighting with impressive visuals and smooth animations. You will be immersed in a virtual war world where you can customize your fighter with extraordinary weapons, armor parts and powerful special attacks.

You must be nimble and strategic while avoiding the constant attacks of your opponents on your thrilling journey through dangerous terrain. Collect special weapons and armor to transform your character into an irresistible force.

Shadow of War Shadows mod apk unlimited money
You must work hard to save your civilization from the threat of destruction and level up to control the Shadow Rifts – a mysterious evil force. Also, get a shade that will give you an incredible boost and an irresistible glow.

Ultimately, the game offers a unique roguelike experience that allows you to explore endless new worlds and unlock powerful abilities. Download Shadow Fight Shades MOD APK now to start your powerful and exciting journey! It will be a rewarding experience.

Harder Battles and More Locations (3 New Worlds)

The game is a big step forward with new levels and opponents in various environments. You will embark on an epic quest to clear Shadow Rifts and gain powerful shadows.

The world is bigger and full of more dangers than ever, with three additional locations – each consisting of multiple levels and centered around a boss battle. So, you can learn more and face some challenges that will test your skills.

Fortunately, the game also includes better battle controls and improved AI that makes the battles more exciting. You have to fight smarter using your skills and weapons to outsmart your opponent.

Another cool feature of the game

New enemies and Abilities. The game features a new group of mysterious menacing characters with unique abilities and skills. Prepare to battle your opponents in epic duels as you unlock and master newfound abilities as you strive to become the ultimate champion.
Unique equipment and Clothing. Let your creativity run wild as you create unique characters using the various costumes and weapons the game has to offer! Push creativity to its limits and mix and match to develop a personal fighter.
Daily challenges and Events. Test your strength and challenge yourself every day with amazing events, races and competitions of this game. Take on opponents from around the world to become the true champion!
Meet again Friends. Enter a beautiful interactive world where you can team up with friends, create clans, and expand your social circle. Share the story of the game on social media and join the conversation about this exciting universe.
Classic 2D background. A stunning virtual landscape with stunning 2D backgrounds and ultra-realistic animations! You can take A, where the character will live before your eyes! After the game, this vivid visual will definitely stick in your head for days.
Exciting battle system. The game’s mysterious charm and versatile tactics make the battle very exciting. You need to duck, punch and chain special maneuver combos to win.

Elements like Thugs. Shadow Rifts is a unique and rewarding rogue-like experience that offers new worlds, extreme abilities and amazing missions. Your journey will never be boring as you roam the world, discover its secrets and fight bad guys.
Mix different Shades. Unleash your power with a powerful combination of shades to unleash powerful attacks and special abilities. Each rift is different, allowing for unmatched power in skill sets and skills to make you an unbeatable warrior.
Multiverse Gameplay. As mentioned, the game features 3 new locations – each with a different set of enemies and challenges. This guarantees an expansive universe with countless ways to level up and become an invincible warrior.
Supports offline Play. You don’t need an internet connection to enjoy this adrenaline-pumping game. However, some features like PvP and co-op mode require an internet connection.
Hair raising sound effects. The game comes with immersive sound effects and a rocking soundtrack that will make every battle feel like an epic adventure. Every step you take will be filled with anticipation and excitement.
Highly optimized controls. Shades has intuitive controls and several customization options that make battles more enjoyable. You can also customize the layout of the buttons according to your specific wishes.

System Requirements and Additional Information

This game requires an Android device running 5.0 or later. Provide convenient and error-free operation for smartphones and tablets.

In addition, the game is constantly evolving, ensuring new features, tools and content over time. As such, you should always use the latest version to access its full features.

Download the game without spending a dime, but if you want to access all the features, you have to make an in-app purchase. In addition, the Game may contain advertisements and offers from third-party organizations.

Overall, Shades is a must-have game for action adventure fans. It offers all the classic design of Shadow Fight 2 with elements like an expanded universe and exciting roguelikes. Download now to start your exciting journey!

Shadow Fight Shades Mod APK

How to play the game like a pro? Proven tips and strategies

Master the controls. Invest time and effort in understanding the controls to improve your fighting power. Change them to what works best for you, and keep building your skills until you’re confident you can use them whenever you want.
Use a combination of shadows wisely. Try different strategies to find the perfect mix for you. Use the power of each option and assemble a strong and unbeatable plan that will guarantee your victory in every attempt!
Upgrade your weapon. You need to upgrade your weapons to progress in the game. Take advantage of all the upgrade options to give yourself massive power in both offense and defense.

Shadow Fight Shades Mod APK for Android

Be alert. Always be aware of the battlefield and be aware of potential threats. Thus, you can detect the enemy’s movements early and destroy them quickly without reacting to their attacks.
Use co-op mode. Are you stuck at a certain level? Grab friends and team up in co-op mode. Thus, you will have extra speed to overcome even the toughest obstacles.
Use your tools. Don’t forget to use all resources like pots and special attacks. It can help you win a heated battle.
Calm down. Peace is important in any conflict. Avoid panic and rash decisions that may backfire in the future.

Shadow Fight Shades Mod APK


It’s time to maximize your gaming experience! Shadow Fight Shades is an action-packed adventure that will push you beyond your limits. With a classic design, modern settings and unmatched features, the game is unmatched. Don’t wait any longer – download the latest version now and start your exciting journey!

Technical improvements and improved user interface
Unlimited money
Mod info:

Shadow Fight Shades Mod APK 1.3.4 (Unlimited money)
Download  Shadow Fight Shades Mod APK 1.3.4 (Unlimited money) 

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