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Dynamons World

Dynamons World
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  • Version 1.9.41
  • Requirements Android 7.0
  • Developer Azerion Casual
  • Genre Role Playing
  • Google Play
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Like Pokemon, Dynamons World lets you summon monsters, but they move faster and you don’t have to memorize their stats. None of the players will participate in battles or collect Pokémon; instead, they collect Dynamons. It’s less risky and has an element of adventure like Pokémon, but it’s still fun for most players.

Dynamons World Dynamons World


Overall, the battle system in Dynamons World is designed to be very simple so that anyone can play. Use the arrow keys at the bottom of the screen to control the movement of each character during your turn. Combat consists of turn-based combat, just like in a role-playing game. To capture enemies, you can first weaken or destroy them, just like in Pokemon games. If you catch Dynamon, he will immediately join your team. Since there are hundreds of modes in the game, players can assemble their team in any way they want. In addition, players can use Dynamon to participate in more battles and defeat more Dynamons to gain more experience to level up.


Although only one skill can be used per turn, each Dynamon can have up to three skills active at a time. The wizard transforms after use and requires recharging; You can also use a new skill at the start of your next turn. To increase your effectiveness in combat, you must carefully consider the sequence of using your skills. At the start of your journey, you will be given a free Dynamon and have three choices: Fire, Water, or Plants. In particular, note that Fire systems count as Vegetation systems, Vegetation systems as Water systems, and Water systems as Fire systems. Additionally, the Dark and Light systems are two opposing systems.

Dynamons World Dynamons World


Your Dynamon will start the game with a single skill. Dynamon gains new abilities as he grows. After each battle, your Dynamon level will increase. After having enough experience, you will need a Dynastone to level up your Dynamon. When building Dynamon, you need to switch to new evolution stone elements. No worries; The evolution stone for each can be found in the Boss Battle. As a regular Dynamon gains experience, its stats and appearance will improve. Leveling up your Dynamon comes with monetary rewards.


In addition to the battle with wild Dynamons, you will also fight Dynamons from other online players. If you win these battles, you will receive many rewards. There are always bad guys who want to cause harm and trouble, and your mission is to defeat these bad guys in the so-called Boss Battle. Competition will increase, but rewards for success will increase. Fighting and defeating Intruders will earn you a reputation as a skilled animal trainer.


You can use the gold earned after each game to buy anything from the Dynamons World store. The Loot Bag in this store is the most interesting item that many players buy. A bag can be bought for 60 gold and contains three random items. The store also offers a variety of extras such as Loot Chests. The money you get after each game is often not enough to cover the cost of the items in the store.

- Chinese Festival, chapter 6 part 2 available now: 5 new boss fights in an exciting new story. The Chinese Festival world can be accessed by completing the Klaude's Castle world first.
Dynamons World
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